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Alli Manzella is a graduate of the International Academy of Design and Technology's three year Interior Design Program in Toronto Ontario.  Over the passed 20 years she has continued studies in Architectural Technology, Green Design and Sustainable Building Practices.  Alli has worked alongside some of Toronto's most valued Interior Design Professionals and Contractors on various large and small scale projects.

Although Alli is classically trained, she approaches each project with a strong focus on creating highly functional, non-toxic, health promoting living environments.  Her design concepts are based on the client's health status, daily rhythms, aesthetic desires and personal use of the space.  


Building materials, fixtures, furnishings and finishes are chosen from reputable fabricators who use natural, non toxic or organic materials that are free from flame retardants, noxious adhesives and chemical components.  Energy Efficient/Water-Wise Appliances, Low EMF Electronics, EMF Blockers, Grounding Devises, Air and Water Filtration as well as Elements of Nature are incorporated into designs. 


As a side project Alli has attended studies at The Canadian Collage of Natural Nutrition, Rodale Institute and The Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine.  She is a Certified Functional Medicine Nutrition Coach with a personal interest in such topics as; Environmental Health, Natural Wellness and Detoxification as well as Homesteading, Permaculture and Nature Conservation. Alli is an advocate of Sustainable Living and is continuing studies in the field of Regenerative Design. 

People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, CIRS, Autoimmune Conditions, MTHFR, Allergies, Skin Disorders or Respiratory Conditions can benefit greatly from living in a non-toxic, low EMF, natural and stress free environment.


Please contact Alli directly if you have any questions

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