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What Can We Do For You...


Tiny Homes on Wheels

We provide a full service, turn-key home building experience. From design and project management to building and delivery-We’ve got you covered!

Step One: Phone Consultation

After an in-depth discussion surrounding your desires for a custom tiny home-You are provided with an estimate.  


Click here to set up your phone consultation now!


Tiny House Design

Step Two: Interior Design Consultation

This is where the fun begins!  At this point you will work with our in-house design team to come up with a concept that best suits your needs. Construction drawings are produced, materials, finishes, fixtures and appliances are selected and you are given a formal quote.


Step Three: Ready…Set…Build!!!


Tiny House Shells

This is a great option for the do-it-your-self-er! 

Custom shells are professionally designed, framed, sheathed, home wrapped and ready for you to add your personal touches!  Shells can be fabricated on any trailer size. Options include, roof details as well as rough-ins for door and window openings. Total costs range from $18, 000-$42,000. Turn around time is 40 days once the trailer is on site.


Healthy Home Consulting

For the health conscious client, we provide phone consultation services offering responsible solutions to avoid noxious chemicals, mould prevention strategies and electromagnetic radiation midigation tools.  

We believe your tiny home should be a safe place that promotes good health and wellbeing.

~Phone Consultations are $90CAD/Hour

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